Which Is the Best Country to Study MBBS

Which Is the Best Country to Study MBBS?

Studying MBBS in a foreign land is a choice one can make if he/she knows which is the best country to study MBBS. One must have all the information prior to the selection of colleges and application thereof.

Pursuing a career as a doctor is the dream of many but often some of you may not get the opportunity to study MBBS in your country either due to limited availability of seats or stiff competition. An alternative is to study MBBS in a foreign country. However, finding the best country to study MBBS may not be as easy as it sounds. There are so many considerations to be taken care of- eligibility, cost, duration, approval by the medical council of your country, quality of education, facilities, climate, safety and so on. Here is a guide to make your selection process a bit easier.

Which country to select to study MBBS abroad?

Countries like China, the Philippines, Russia, and Ukraine are some of the countries offering courses on MBBS for foreign students at a relatively low cost. All you need to do is select one of these countries to study MBBS abroad based on your parameters.

What is the MBBS in Philippines Eligibility?

The Philippines being a country favored by many in the subcontinent has certain eligibility criteria for admission in Philippines Medical College. The student must be at least 17 years old and must have completed class 12th with an aggregate of at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. English must be a compulsory subject as well. Since 2018 onwards students also need to be NEET qualified for as the MBBS in Philippines Eligibility.

What is the Philippines Medical Colleges Fees?

The cost of studying MBBS abroad varies across countries. Those interested in pursuing MBBS in Philippines must be prepared to spend something around INR 25 lakhs including course fee, accommodation, and food expenses. However, the Philippines medical colleges fees differ from one college to another.

Advantages of Medicine in Philippines Over other countries

Most countries offering medical education to International students has an disadvantage of language barrier where International students are forced to learn native language in-order to communicate to common people.

Philippines is an Asian Country having climate similar to India. Diseases are more similar to diseases in India because of which Indian students studying medicine in Philippines will be able to treat patients with similar diseases that prevails in India. Cold countries like China and Russia have different diseases that are not similar to diseases in tropical climate.