What is the eligibility to study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students

What is the eligibility to study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students?

Thinking of moving to the Philippines but not sure if you are eligible? We are here to clarify on all your doubts about eligibility to pursue MBBS in Philippines for Indian students.

We know how working hard to score the best marks in the 12th standard examinations but failing to clear the NEET papers with high marks and ranking should have made you feel disappointed. Do not worry, you are lucky as there are even better options at the Philippines with quality education and lesser course fee. MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is easy to get in and graduate than in the homeland itself. A minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be sufficient enough for Indian Students to get admission in Davao School Medical Foundation (DMSF)

What is the education structure in Philippines medical college?

Philippines follows US based education system which is different from Indian education system. Students education standard will be better when they study medicine in US based education system.Before knowing the eligibility let us see the difference in the education system. Unlike the Indian education system of getting into bachelors’ medical program after schooling, in the Philippines, you need to attend a pre-degree before taking up under graduation for 18 months after which there is a competitive exam. The placement for MBBS in a Philippines medical college is based on the NMAT scores as regulated by WHO and MCI. Pursuing an 18-month pre-degree, 4 years of MBBS and one year of compulsory internship as regulated by MCI norms is the total duration a person needs to be in the Philippines.

What is the eligibility to study MBBS in Philippines?

Getting into the BS program should be a piece of cake for everyone. A minimum of 50% score in maths, physics, chemistry, and biology in 10 and 12 makes you eligible for the pre-degree which can be done in any college in the Philippines. The NMAT exam is comparatively easy to break through than NEET examination and has a lot more seats available in top medical colleges in Philippines. A good score in NMAT which most pass through easily is enough to pursue MBBS in Philippines.