Davao Medical School Foundation


Dr. Petronilo A. Basa

  • Dean, College of Medicine.
  • Davao Medical School Foundation.

DMSF in the Philippines has been in the forefront in providing professional Medical Education to Indian Medical Students. Known for quality education, the institution has the highest number of medical students in the country.

Indian students and parents have shown tremendous faith upon us continually over the past 14 years. So far, 10 batches of Indian students have graduated and are successfully practicing in renowned hospitals in India and various other countries. Today we are armed with the confidence to do more.

With dedicated , experienced and skilled faculty, state of art infrastucture wd ith integrated modern innovations such as Simulated Mannequin Stations, 3D Imagery Anatomage Dissection Units, Skills Laboratories, fully equipped Modern Library and more importantly, a collaborative and conductive learning environment, our endeavour has always been to equip our students with skills that prepare them to be better doctors of the future.

I welcome students pursuing quality medical education to Davao and wish your journey with us is enriching and highly rewarding in shapinhg your noble careers as healthcare providers for the communities of your nation and the world in the days to come.


Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) is one amongst the leading education institutes in the Philippines and has been on the forefront of providing Medical education for students from around the world. Founded in the year 1976, the college is located in Davao City in the Mindanao region of Philippines.

The school is located close to the center of the city which is one of the fastest growing regions in Asia and boasts of a stable climate, both in terms of its weather and its politics. Students are affiliated to the DMSF Hospital, the Southern Philippines Medical Center, the Davao Doctors Hospitals, San Pedro Hospital and Brokenshire Memorial Hospital all with combined bed strength of over 4000 beds while being one of only 2 medical colleges in the region for their clinical rotations in the third and fourth years of their courses, thus enabling the students to have an unmatched level of clinical exposure.

At DMSF we aim to provide education and services with emphasis on primary health care in the complementation of instruction, research, patient, community health care and community engagement. We aim to give back to the world Healthcare Professionals of the highest caliber in all respects.


One of the reasons why DMSF has the highest overall pass percentage amongst any college abroad in the Screening Examination is due to the intricate attention to details put into any field, be it teaching methods, extensive clinical rotations or facilities. Immense attention is given to develop all 3 of these segments to keep them up to date with the modern times.

The facilities and equipment that the students get at DMSF is the latest in all areas. Be it the Library, Anatomage Systems, Cadavers, Simulation Centers, Team Learning Centers or even the Classrooms.


In light of the modern era with a plethora of syllabus that students have to cover in medical colleges, a regular classroom study will not help students gather good knowledge. The first of its kind in Medical Schools,DMSF TLCs enable the students to go through one of the most advanced learning techniques a means for precise group and individual learning perspectives. Team Learning Centers in DMSF help students become effective, independent learners through one-to-one and small group academic assistance. Students are organized strategically into teams that work together. This structure requires teams to articulate their thinking and gives teams an opportunity to evaluate their own analysis when faced with conclusions that other may make.


In modern times with the influence of technology based learning, not much preference is being given towards the development Knowledge Centers such as Libraries. But, none can deny the importance of one towards the overall development of a student. At DMSF, we integrate the old with the new to create a Library like none other,with a vast array of books and e-books, placed in a calm and soothing environment. The library is truly unmatched helping students gather additional knowledge.


DMSF is the first medical college in all of Philippines which and only the second college in Asia to set up Simulated Mannequin Stations for clinical teaching and learning. Modern responsive mannequins are used which can be programmed to simulate a wide range of illnesses through which the students are taught clinical practices before clinical rotations.