What is the eligibility to study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students

What is the eligibility to study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students?

Thinking of moving to the Philippines but not sure if you are eligible? We are here to clarify on all your doubts about eligibility to pursue MBBS in Philippines for Indian students.

We know how working hard to score the best marks in the 12th standard examinations but failing to clear the NEET papers with high marks and ranking should have made you feel disappointed. Do not worry, you are lucky as there are even better options at the Philippines with quality education and lesser course fee. MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is easy to get in and graduate than in the homeland itself. A minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be sufficient enough for Indian Students to get admission in Davao School Medical Foundation (DMSF)

What is the education structure in Philippines medical college?

Philippines follows US based education system which is different from Indian education system. Students education standard will be better when they study medicine in US based education system.Before knowing the eligibility let us see the difference in the education system. Unlike the Indian education system of getting into bachelors’ medical program after schooling, in the Philippines, you need to attend a pre-degree before taking up under graduation for 18 months after which there is a competitive exam. The placement for MBBS in a Philippines medical college is based on the NMAT scores as regulated by WHO and MCI. Pursuing an 18-month pre-degree, 4 years of MBBS and one year of compulsory internship as regulated by MCI norms is the total duration a person needs to be in the Philippines.

What is the eligibility to study MBBS in Philippines?

Getting into the BS program should be a piece of cake for everyone. A minimum of 50% score in maths, physics, chemistry, and biology in 10 and 12 makes you eligible for the pre-degree which can be done in any college in the Philippines. The NMAT exam is comparatively easy to break through than NEET examination and has a lot more seats available in top medical colleges in Philippines. A good score in NMAT which most pass through easily is enough to pursue MBBS in Philippines.

Which Is the Best Country to Study MBBS

Which Is the Best Country to Study MBBS?

Studying MBBS in a foreign land is a choice one can make if he/she knows which is the best country to study MBBS. One must have all the information prior to the selection of colleges and application thereof.

Pursuing a career as a doctor is the dream of many but often some of you may not get the opportunity to study MBBS in your country either due to limited availability of seats or stiff competition. An alternative is to study MBBS in a foreign country. However, finding the best country to study MBBS may not be as easy as it sounds. There are so many considerations to be taken care of- eligibility, cost, duration, approval by the medical council of your country, quality of education, facilities, climate, safety and so on. Here is a guide to make your selection process a bit easier.

Which country to select to study MBBS abroad?

Countries like China, the Philippines, Russia, and Ukraine are some of the countries offering courses on MBBS for foreign students at a relatively low cost. All you need to do is select one of these countries to study MBBS abroad based on your parameters.

What is the MBBS in Philippines Eligibility?

The Philippines being a country favored by many in the subcontinent has certain eligibility criteria for admission in Philippines Medical College. The student must be at least 17 years old and must have completed class 12th with an aggregate of at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. English must be a compulsory subject as well. Since 2018 onwards students also need to be NEET qualified for as the MBBS in Philippines Eligibility.

What is the Philippines Medical Colleges Fees?

The cost of studying MBBS abroad varies across countries. Those interested in pursuing MBBS in Philippines must be prepared to spend something around INR 25 lakhs including course fee, accommodation, and food expenses. However, the Philippines medical colleges fees differ from one college to another.

Advantages of Medicine in Philippines Over other countries

Most countries offering medical education to International students has an disadvantage of language barrier where International students are forced to learn native language in-order to communicate to common people.

Philippines is an Asian Country having climate similar to India. Diseases are more similar to diseases in India because of which Indian students studying medicine in Philippines will be able to treat patients with similar diseases that prevails in India. Cold countries like China and Russia have different diseases that are not similar to diseases in tropical climate.

What Makes Philippines Medical Colleges So Popular for Overseas Students

What Makes Philippines Medical Colleges So Popular for Overseas Students?

In the best Philippines Medical Colleges Ranking is high globally, and these are known to be among the best options for students who wish to become capable and skilled doctors. Find out what makes medical colleges in this country so widely famous for students from overseas countries.

Approved by prestigious organizations

The Top Medical Colleges in Philippines use the most advanced teaching methods, and boast of properly established infrastructure. The services are first-rate as well. Thus, all the medical colleges and universities in this country are approved by top international organizations, such as MCI and WHO. The 3rd prime English-speaking country, The Philippines has a high literacy rate in English in Asia. English is the mode of instruction in each learning phase, and it is also used for teaching medicine in the country.

U.S medical education system

The Philippines happens to be the best option for students who are foreigners, and who wish to make a career in the medical field with quality education at affordable fees. The American system of medical education is offered in this country, and the M.D. degree is the main medical qualification. The degree is recognized internationally by the UNESCO and WHO (World Health Organization), as well as the Medical Council of India. Students passing out of a Philippines Medical College can be assured that they will be well-recognized in medical organizations and facilities across the world. The pattern and system of medical education followed here is based on the U.S teaching model, which ensures a scientific and advanced way.

Complete training

The Philippines is becoming one of the biggest sources for superior medical education, which puts it on a par with the various degrees that are awarded by U.K and U.S.A universities and colleges. Students from Davao Medical School Foundation and other prestigious colleges can get the M.D (Doctor of Medicine) degree, which is on a par with M.B.B.S programs from any university in the U.K or U.S.A. Students can undergo a 5-year professional program, where they can learn the theoretical as well as the practical aspect of medicine, and prepare for doctors’ licensure exam in the nation. After finishing their course in the institutions here, students may even apply for licensure exams for doctors, begin practicing in The Philippines itself or work as interns. They may even consider going back to their own nations, and pursue higher education or practice as MBBS graduates.

Top Reasons for You to Choose a MBBS Course Abroad

Top Reasons for You to Choose a MBBS Course Abroad

A career in the medical field can be very lucrative, as you can earn a lot of money, get huge job satisfaction and also make a good name for yourself in the community. Know about some of the top reasons why you should opt for a MBBS admission abroad.

Ability to assist people

If you have a wish to assist others and have a stronger pull in this, you would like to make a career in medical profession. Many people like to work in this profession as they wish to make a difference in other’s lives, and ease their pain and sufferings. Healthcare is important, and assisting someone to get back health can fill you up with a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

Respect among peers

With most professions, you will not get a lot of people enquiring you about the things involved in your job. But when you tell others that you are a medical professional, you may be assured that you will get lots of questions and intriguing expressions. According to surveys, lots of students reveal that the wish to make their parents feel pride and make a respectable career is what drove them to the profession.

High Salary

Salary and money are also among the top factors that decides status of a person in society. The medical profession, as most people know, is among the highest paid industries. Based on the area of expertise, title and level of experience, you can expect to get as high salary as $150,000 every year. As per newest figures, assistants to anesthesiologists can obtain anywhere between $95,000 and $120,000 as a starting salary. As a dentist, you can earn more than $100,000. Although you might have to obtain study loan for abroad studies, you can soon earn enough to pay that back.

Coming across new people

Those who usually work in the medical profession need to be particularly empathetic and have a warm personality. The joy and wish to meet new people is one more trait that most people like to share. The medical profession offers a wonderful chance to meet individuals from every part of life, whether it comes to patients, staffs from other hospitals or co-workers who are employed in the same hospital.

Major demand

Despite health standards improving, it is sadly true that various health problems are still making many -people sick or suffer injuries. With a rise in population and a higher life expectancy, medical workers are in more demand. According to latest WHO Survey there is heavy shortage of Doctors across the globe even in developed countries.